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SQUIRRELMASTER is an initiative to bring social change by educating schools, colleges & universities students about various global issues and global agenda through competitions, social campaigns and movements and to instill voluntarism skills and create empathy towards others. 

SQUIRRELMASTER’s main objective is to encourage students to participate in different competitions, social campaigns and movements on cultural, environmental and social issues and find out the best suitable and sustainable solutions, learn and augment knowledge about SDGs , become more kind towards society, contribute to uplift underprivileged people from their fundamental rights, create social impact through volunteering and become a global responsible citizen 

Through participation, social campaigns and movements; students learn about the global issues/topics, understand & explore the information related to the issues/topics, find sustainable and suitable solutions about the issue, augment their skills by accessing and researching profound information about the topic/theme and excel their understanding to contribute themselves in the society and implement the knowledge and understanding in real life to uplift the livelihood of deprived people. 

SQUIRRELMASTER invites glocal organisations to collaborate with having same vision and mission to educate young students and society on different issues and agenda through competitions, campaign and movement. 

Our Vision

  • To ensure affordable quality education and with minimum resources, students can learn & ameliorate their skills and talent
  • To educate young minds about global issues, global culture, SDGs and upgrade their skills to become  global responsible citizen

Our Mission

  • To find out the best & sustainable solutions for social, cultural, environmental issues, global challenge and agenda through competitions, social campaigns and movements
  • To promote and teach UN’s Sustainable development goals
  • To create awareness about different the global issues among students and society
  • To promote voluntarism and create empathy for others 

 Our Values

  • Honesty/ Fair Process/No discrimination/Transparent 

Main Areas of focus and collaboration

  • Climate change
  • Fundamental rights of women and girls and their capacity building
  • Quality and basic education for children
  • Assistance to old age people
  • Commemoration of National Heroes
  • Diplomatic and Bilateral Relations
  • Energy, Fuel  and its conservation
  • Environmental issues
  • Finance and planning
  • Global Culture
  • Global Peace
  • Green Planet
  • Health
  • Life Skills
  • Real life Skills
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Water and its conservation 
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