Child is a stage in life and not a parking lot to get into the future by Ayushi Sharma

There has been a rapid corrosion of ethical and moral values in Indian society. However, before independence we had pride for our character but we have lost the ethical and moral values. We held our heads high and earned a great deal of respect values and needed to guide the human beings on the right path, to inculcate the concept of universal brotherhood and to achieve the absolute values of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, to give direction and firmness to life and bring joy, satisfaction and peace of life.

Above all, the most important need is to inculcate all five core values: TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE, LOVE and NON-VIOLENCE. The prosperity of a country depends neither depends on abundance of its   revenue nor on the beauty of its public buildings, but its dignified citizens, in its men of education and character.

Globalization has brought about turmoil in the economic scenario worldwide. It has also influenced every aspects of human life relations. It has brought superficially into family life and human relations.

Parents, teachers, siblings, elders and friends play an important role in child development and, more importantly, the family and teachers have a critical role. Some parents value the child as a source of happiness, some others look at it as an opportunity to realize their dreams (not the child’s); to some it is a protection in their old age and to some others it is a burden. In the circumstances, the magic and pleasure of childhood get destroyed. Development is the function of learning, adapting and changing. The pace and pattern of development vary from one child to other. Some children develop like “chicken to hen” and some others from “caterpillar to butterfly;” some grow as “fish in the water” and others struggle like “fish out of water”.

Good communication helps effective social interaction. Responding to the doubts from within the child deserves priority over the child answering questions from adult. Every child is unique, and each one is good in one thing or other and no child is beyond hope. Praising the child at every stage will generate joy in learning. Teachers and parents have to help the child to learn even from frivolous success as well as fruitful failure.

A teacher should endeavor to mold the personality of the student s and to motivate them to take part in building up of an equitable society wedded to the Gandhian ideal of ‘wiping every tear from every eye’. Professing great ideals and holding high aspirations are not enough: translating those ideas into purposeful action and time bound programme is needed. A teacher should make the students to transcend the national prejudices and to cultivate the global perspective. The teacher should never be content with routinely teaching the prescribed lessons. Within the constraints and limitations imposed by the academic schedule, he has to rope in several additional-inputs, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities so as to enrich the knowledge and experience of the students. One should always keep in mind the fact that text is only a pretext. A lot more is needed to develop the all-round personality of the students to prepare them to live a purposeful life. Here is an action plan to achieve the set goals.

A teacher should imbibe in his student time-tested values of Indian culture. A teacher should impress upon the students that science is not at all a contradiction to religion and spirituality. Therefore, a teacher should strive hard to drive away superstitions from the mind of the students. A teacher should make efforts to ingrain this spirit of equality among the student community and thereby bring attitudinal change in the youth. As the global citizens and stake-holders of the beautiful planet, we have great responsibility in protecting the environment from pollution and degradation. We are morally bound to handover to our future generations the clean and serene environment intact. A teacher should strive hard to teach the young men and women the value of work culture. They would be made to realize that work is worship. A teacher should try to persuade the students to scrupulously follow the law. A teacher should make sustained efforts to make the students to think creatively and independently. Teacher should help creating dynamic leadership among the youth who “dare to dream and strive to achieve”.

‘’The teacher should act as a good mason and make sound bricks that are used in the national construction’’.

Ayushi Sharma
Arwachin International school

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