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Should I exceed the word limit?

No, you must adhere with the word limit, you are not allowed to write more words that the limit.

What is the maximum size of the file of essay?

You can upload up to 1MB, but requested to upload very small size only.

Should I add photos in my essay?

No, you are not allowed to set any photos in your essay.

I am unable to upload my essay, what to do?

Check, your essay size and try to upload it as small size as you can.

How many entries can be submitted per student? 

One entry per student will be accepted, sending more than one entry will not be assessed, but you will be eligible for certificate for participation. 

My email is already registered, though my essay is not uploaded, what to do?

Kindly email your problem over squirrelmaster[dot]co[dot]in[at]gmail[dot]com, Team will troubleshoot the problem and once you get the email from our side, you can upload your essay with the same email.

How can I contribute myself in the movement?

You can share the same on social media and sharing with your near and dear one.

I have not received my reference number in my inbox?

Kindly check mail in you spam box, open email, click on not spam, move email to your inbox and save email in your address book.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism means you can copy someone else’s work or ideas from internet and paste it in your essay. It is often called theft.

I am unable to download my certificate, what to do?

You may caught in plagiarism, hence your entry is disqualified in competition, so you can not download your certificate. 

Can I write essay from my home?

Yes, you can write your essay from anywhere. You have to use internet, find the ideas about the topic, write and construct your ideas and submit the best essay.

Why don’t you provide hard copy of certificate?

We believe in Go Green Initiative, Green Planet and Protection of Environment and for the same, we don’t really wish to use a single page of paper that is made from cutting the trees.

Can I submit more than one entry?

No, you are requested to send one and only one entry, if you send more entries, we may cancel your all entries, so before sending, you much read all guidelines and send one entry only.

I am a school coordinator and unable to send students entries from my email, what to do?

One Email One Entry, You cannot submit multiples entries of students using a same email; you need to use different email for different student. 

I have not downloaded certificate during the time period stated, what to do?

We can not help you in this regard, you are not able to process your certificate, if you have missed to download certificate in stipulated time period mentioned.

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