#ISupportNoMoreClimateChange Movement

“I SUPPORT NO MORE CLIMATE CHANGE” is a global movement to diminish grave consequences of climate change and through small day to day steps can slow down global warming.

Together we stand up and talk about, implementing the small steps and mentoring others to act against climate change and take an action for change – big or small – in your community. 

#ISupportNoMoreClimateChange Movement, Do you?

I said 

  • NO to Fireworks to celebrate festivals, victory, marriage, anniversary, rather I would like to feed hungry people, reduce carbon footprint and say no to several respiratory problems and noise pollution, opt other options to be happy.
  • NO to Electric Illumination during festivals, celebrations to minimize energy consumption that is produce from fossil fuels and natural resources. 
  • NO Plastic and packaged products to save environment and save planets from non biodegradable products. 
  • YES to e-Options to reduce forest destruction and reduce carbon emissions, e-options save time, more economical and environment friendly.
  • YES to turn off lights, fans and appliances to reduce waste of energy and waste of money
  • YES to Sustainable Transports to reduce carbon emissions and environment friendly option. 

These small steps can be implemented in day to day life to combat climate change.

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