Social Change School Award – 2019

Social Change School Award – 2019 is first of its kind award initiated by SQUIRRELMASTER for schools that engage their students in social activities and to bring positive change in the society.

The award for school is based on schools initiative to bring social change by encouraging students to participate in various social activities. Each activity will encourage students to learn different skills and though their participation, they become more responsible to society, more kind, more social and be the change and set an example to motivate others to spare their time to do volunteering and create positive social impact in their surroundings, to instill voluntarism skills and create empathy towards others. 

Selection Criteria

Social Change School Award – 2019 is awarded to school based on seven parameters.

School has to first fill their nomination in stipulated time and has to encourage students to participate in below 1 to 5 programs (mandatory), 6 (optional) and Teachers can participate in 7th – Teachers’ social contribution campaign

  1. Digital Literacy Campaign
  2. Essay Competition
  3. Social Ambassador Award
  4. Climate Champions
  5. Social Service Campaign
  6. Social Film Making Campaign (Optional)
  7. Teachers Social Contribution Campaign (Optional)

Social Award

1st School Winner : ₹15000 

2nd  School Winner : ₹10000 

3rd  School Winner : ₹ 5000 

4th School Winner : ₹ 3000 

5th School Winner : ₹ 2000

6th School Winner : Special Felicitation

7th School Winner : Special Felicitation

8th School Winner : Special Felicitation

9th School Winner : Special Felicitation

10th School Winner : Special Felicitation

  • Certificate to all participating schools – “Social Change School Award – 2019”
  • Recognition Certificate to all principals of schools for their great contribution in social change impact.
  • Recognition Certificate to two social coordinators (school Teachers) for their great contribution in social change impact.

Points awarded for each Parameters

  1. Digital Literacy Campaign :100 participants =  1 point, If number of participants are 800 students, then school achieves 8 points
  2. Essay Competition:100 participants = 2 points , If 200 students participate in the competition, then school achieves 4 points
  3. Social Ambassador Award:₹ 500 contribution = 1 point, If all students together collect ₹ 1000 then school achieves 2 points
  4. Climate Champion :100 signs = 1 point, If all students encourage 500 people to sign the climate movement, then school achieves 5 points 
  5. Social Service Campaign :20 social services = 1 point, If total 50 students of school do different social service activity, then school achieves 2.5 points
  6. Social Film Making Campaign (Optional): 1 film = 5 points, If 5 groups of students in school submit 5 social films, then school achieves 25 points
  7. Teachers Social Contribution Campaign  (Optional)₹ 500 contribution = 1 point, If all teachers together contribute ₹ 1500 then school achieves 3 points

Last date of filling Nomination: 20th August 2019

Last date of sending activities/Program Reports: 31st August 2019

Example of chronology of organizing activities/Programs 

For example: If school starts on 12th April, first 5 activities can be finished in maximum 4 days. If carried out simultaneously.

·    Filing Nomination of School 5 minutes 12th April 2019
1. Digital Literacy Campaign 1 day 12th April 2019
2. Essay Competition 2 days 12th April to 13h April 2019
3. Social Ambassador Award 4 days 12th April to 15th April 2019
4. Climate Champions 4 days 12th April to 15th April 2019
5. Social Service Campaign 1 day 14th April (Sunday)
6. Social Film Making Campaign (optional) 10 days 22nd April 2019
  • If school starts activities on 19th April, All activities can be completed on or before 29th April 2019.
  • Activities/Programs No. 2 to 6 are after school programs, hence no school routine will be disturbed.

Download Brochure & Annexures

Complete Updated Brochure: Social Change School Award – 2019

Annexure – A :Annexure – A_For Students

Annexure -B : Annexure – B_ For Class Teachers

Annexure – C: Annexure – C_ Social Coordinator_School

Annexure – D : Annexure – D_ School’s Self Evaluation Report

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